Its technical support means integrity, honesty and competitiveness on the market. A 360 degree assistance, from the prototype development to the lab testing, from regulatory compliance support to training sessions, from product certification to international homologation.

Certifying the product means making it more performing. It is the strategic choice to get the best performances and the greatest value, and to pave the way for new opportunities. Prima Ricerca & Sviluppo is the perfect partner for safety and quality of the new product to be put on the market.

Prima Ricerca & Sviluppo testing lab is equipped with the most advanced instruments for the analysis of electric, climatic, mechanical risks, and offers Clients a wide range of services to test products’ conformity according to the European Directives. The company, conceived and developed to be the best partner for all importers and manufacturers during the entire production process, offers many advantages: it allows to optimize development time, to be updated in real time on rules and regulations and to strengthen competitiveness.

Our mission

A compliant product means quality and reliability. It’s a real added value, not only a regulatory obligation. This is our Clients’ primary goal. This is our mission.