PRSlab’S Testing Laboratory is equipped with advanced technologies to carry out all kind of measurements: electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, reliability testing of electrical and electronic products. It is also equipped with a semianechoic chamber and climatic chambers and a special unit for the on-site testing.

Tests and Measurements: EMC, Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment, Automotive, Safety, Environmental, Acoustic, Vibration, ERP, Tests according to ENEL specifications and on-site testing.

  • EMC Electromagnetic compatibility measurements in full compliant semi-anechoic chamber and shield chamber.
  • R&TTE Tests for radio and telecommunications terminal equipment, up to the attainment of the Expert Opinion (measurements from 9 kHz to 40 GHz) according to Dir. 1999/05/CE.
  • ELECTRICAL SAFETY Tests, engineering analysis, technical and regulatory assistance service, risks analysis and safety SW validation.
  • ERP (EUP) Validation measurements of the environment-friendly engineering specifications.
  • MACHINERY Engineering verifications, risks analysis, functional safety, onsite testing, consulting service during preparation and evaluation of the technical dossier according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • AUTOMOTIVE Conformity tests and measurements, consulting service and support for the attainment of the “E” Mark Certification according to International Regulations and European Directives for components and systems to be installed on motor vehicles, cars, agricultural vehicles and earthmovers.
  • TOYS Electrical safety tests, electromagnetic compatibility and radio parameters.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MEASUREMENTS of electromagnetic fields and acoustic emissions on site.
  • MEDICAL DEVICES Safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing on medical appliances.
  • OTHER SPECIFICATIONS Tests according to FIAT, BMW, FORD, Volkswagen, Renault, RINA, ENEL specifications, etc.
  • TELEPHONE Measurements for the certification of appliances connected to a telephone communication system and tests on batches according to TELECOM specifications.
  • IP and IK RATING Packaging protection against the entrance of solid objects and moisture / protection against mechanical impacts.
  • ACOUSTIC measurements.
  • CLIMATIC TESTS Temperature cycling tests in climatic chambers.
  • MECHANICAL TESTING Vibration testing on vibrating surfaces, hand-arm and whole body vibrations, shocks and shakes.
  • PRE-COMPLIANCE TESTS to assess regulatory compliance before performing certification tests.
  • FUNCTIONALITY/PERFORMANCE TESTS to assess burglary and robbery alarm systems requirements (EN 50131 series).