Technical Support

supporto tecnico

Our technical support involves the following areas:


Analysis and verification of marks and labels, test reports, certificates, instructions, atc., support in the preparation of product’s technical documentation (Technical Construction File – TCF).

PRSlab also provides a special service called CE PACKAGE, consisting in the possibility to get support in the certification process, before and after product introduction on the market.



This service offers a constant updating on regulations and legislations in the electrical and electronic productsʼ field.

The Client, periodically and timely, receives information and news about the entering into force of new rules, obligations and regulations.

PRSlab also offers the Client the possibility to take part, as representative, in the regulatory process during the decision-making stage concerning international technical rules and regulations.



PRSlab periodically organizes training courses and workshops on technical and regulatory aspects, also on demand, according to clientʼs specific needs:

  • New Rules
  • Technical Rules
  • Directives
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility, electric safety, R&TTE, Automotive, EUP, Functional Safety…

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Clients can ask for special training programs and workshops to be held at their headquarters or in Prima Ricerca & Sviluppo.

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