Prima also provides technical services for end-of-life electronics. In Italy over 20 millions of new mobile phones are sold every year. When they get old or, rather, they do not work well any longer, they are often dismissed or thrown away carelessly.

Avoiding the careless disposal of polluting and hazardous electric material requires not only an adequate level of information, but also focused actions. We need to develop our environmental culture, which is increasingly felt by firms and families and is among the most important issues to mankind.

Recycling has a double purpose: on one side it allows the user to re-use a dismissed product to obtain offers and promotions, and, on the other side, it represents for manufacturers and operators an occasion to promote, or launch, new products.


Prima Ricerca & Sviluppo Srl is enrolled in the local register of the firms authorized  to carry out recovery operations concerning the waste management of electric and electronic devices (RAEE). Registration number: CO –351


  • Collection of electronic products, such as mobile phones on all Italian territory;
  • Product analysis and functional test;
  • Identification and possible re-utilization of units, parts and components, even through restoration processes;
  • Recovery: disassembling electronic devices to recover reusable parts, components and raw materials.


The activity also satisfies two important goals:

It involves disabled workers

It helps environmental safeguard